Barbados Visa Application

Barbados Visa Online is a digital way to obtain authorization for travel to Barbados, eliminating the need to visit an embassy or consulate in person.

The Barbados Visa is available online through a simple application process that takes place on the website. Travelers do not need to visit the embassy or consulate for a Barbados Digital Nomad visa, as it can be obtained from any site with internet access.

Here is a guide to the Barbados eVisa application process, which includes several straightforward steps:

  1. Provide the required information in the form. It may request your personal, travel, and employment details.
  2. Upload the necessary documentation. The digital copies of documents must be presented in decent quality.
  3. Make the payment. The fees should be paid online using one of the available options.
  4. Check the inbox. The approved electronic visa to Barbados will be sent directly to the email address.

The Barbados Digital Nomad visa will arrive as a PDF document which must be printed out. Note that nationals without visa exemption should have a separate entry visa to enter Barbados.

Documents to complete the Barbados eVisa application

Applicants should learn which documents they are required to provide in the form for a Barbados eVisa and prepare them beforehand to ensure a problem-free application process.

Required documentation for Barbados Digital Nomad visa

When applying for a Barbados eVisa online, applicants are requested to upload the required documentation in digital form. The digital copies may be made as photos or by scanning.

The documents necessary for a Barbados Digital Nomad visa include:

  • a passport that does not expire within 6 months from the planned date of entry
  • applicant’s face photo
  • birth certificate
  • a valid Barbados visa (if applicable)
  • proof of operating a business in Barbados/working for a company registered in Barbados
  • proof of covering a 2,000 USD fee
  • proof of sufficient financial means

Necessary documents for Barbados entry visa

Citizens of countries that do not have visa-free access to Barbados must get a Barbados entry visa before initiating the application process for a Barbados Digital Nomad visa.

The Barbados entry visa cannot be obtained online, so it is required to attend the Barbados diplomatic mission in person. The applicant needs to collect the following documents:

  • a passport with a 6-month validity period
  • birth certificate
  • applicant’s face photograph

Barbados eVisa processing time

Normally, it takes only several business days to process your application for a Barbados eVisa. However, to avoid possible delays, it is highly recommended that you thoroughly check the information you provide in the application form.

Mistakes, errors, and omissions may cause issues. Before submitting the form, ensure the details are correct and complete. In any case, it is advisable to apply in advance so that the electronic visa to Barbados is approved before your arrival in the country.

Apply for Barbados Visa Online