Barbados Visa Online

Barbados Visa Online is a digital way to obtain authorization for travel to Barbados, eliminating the need to visit an embassy or consulate in person.

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About Barbados eVisa

Barbados Visa is a Digital Nomad visa enabling foreigners to establish themselves in Barbados while working remotely for companies registered in other countries.

Barbados Digital Nomad visa, also known as a Barbados Welcome Stamp visa, is issued for freelancers and entrepreneurs conducting business outside Barbados.

While the Barbados visa does not allow one to be employed by a Barbados company, it permits a stay in the country for tourism purposes for up to 12 months.

The application process for a Barbados Visa is uncomplicated, as all steps are completed online. A person willing to get a Barbados Digital Nomad visa must provide their personal and employment information in the form, upload the documentation, and pay the required fees.

It is important to note that a Digital Nomad visa to Barbados is not an entry visa. Nationals who do not have visa-free access to Barbados must obtain a Barbados entry visa from an embassy first.

Travelers must also check the Barbados entry visa requirements before their trip to ensure they have all the travel documents to enter Barbados.

Types of Barbados eVisa

The Barbados eVisa is currently available in one type only - as a Barbados Digital Nomad visa.

The Digital Nomad visa to Barbados allows its holders to work as freelancers for companies outside Barbados or manage business online while enjoying living in Barbados.

Barbados eVisa - Online application instruction

The Barbados visa online application is easy to complete. Travelers may apply even from the comfort of their homes.

Follow these steps for a smooth application process:

  1. Complete a Barbados visa application form on the website using your personal and travel information.
  2. Attach the digital copies of supporting documents.
  3. Cover the fees via one of the available online payment methods.
  4. Await approval. Most Barbados eVisa applications get approved within several business days.

In case of any questions, don't hesitate to contact our support team - we are always eager to help you. You can get assistance in several languages by calling or sending us an email.

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Barbados eVisa validity period

The eVisa to Barbados remains effective for 12 months. This period can be used for working remotely without doing business or being employed by a company registered in Barbados.

For a more extended stay in Barbados, visitors should contact the Immigration Department to get a visa extension.

Eligible countries for Barbados eVisa

See the list of countries eligible for a Barbados electronic visa:

Required documents to apply for a Barbados eVisa

To complete the online application process for a Barbados Digital Nomad visa, an applicant must have certain documents:

  • proof of being employed by the company registered outside Barbados
  • proof of covering the 2,000 USD fee
  • proof of managing business registered outside Barbados
  • proof of sufficient funds (bank statements)
  • a valid entry Barbados visa (for visa-required nationalities)

As one can see, to get a Barbados visa for digital nomads, applicants from non-visa-exempted countries should obtain an entry visa to Barbados.

To apply for a Barbados entry visa, the following documents are required:

  • a birth certificate
  • applicant's biometric photograph
  • a passport with a validity of at least 6 months from arrival

Benefits of Barbados online visa application

Applying for a Barbados eVisa online has many advantages:

  1. flexibility*
    applicants do not need to attend an embassy or consulate and have a visa interview, as the entire process is available online from any place and at any time;
  2. no waste of time*
    the application can be completed in minutes, and the electronic visa to Barbados gets approved within just a few business days;
  3. professional assistance*
    our support team can assist you at any step of the application process, just contact us by phone or via mail.